What's the earliest online loyalty program you ever heard of?
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Can you find public domain proof of the existence of an online loyalty program (or marketing materials claiming the capability to produce such a thing) in 1995-1996 (or earlier) with unique codes/PINs on product whereby you enter those codes to collect points online and then can have multiple ways to redeem the points?

- The process that is used for participation is that of the Internet.
- It’s a loyalty type program so the consumer would be required to set up a profile.
- There is a UNIQUE number on product, and that number is HIDDEN until after purchase: could be latex covered, printed inside packaging etc.
- The consumer uses their points like a currency; game play, choose a product etc. The points are stored with the consumer profile in an electronic manner and redemption – all without human intervention.

There are two key dates and objectives;
October 1996: Goal is to find any public information that is distributed in the US. This can be an article, a newsletter, a web site, direct mail etc. This article would speak to the CHARACTERISTICS above and be published prior to October of 1996.
January 1996: Any of the information suggested above (October 1996) as well as any invention documents that were not in the public. Could be anything that some inventor may have created in the US that would address the points above.
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If you don't get any good answers here, you might consider asking the editors of this magazine, which covers loyalty marketing.
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