Then I can cross finding this off my list.
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Help me find the website/youtube vids of this handwritten to-do list methodology, please! I can't remember it and can't find it in my saved links.

The name of the website/methodology doesn't have "lists" in the name, and I think that's what's keeping it just out of my sight.

The general idea behind it is keeping a notebook dedicated just to written to-do's. You scan over all your to-do's and do only what appeals at the moment. You cross off what gets done and keep adding to your list. There isn't really discussion of breaking down tasks, listing projects vs next actions, etc. Very simple stuff. I remember there being a youtube video interview with the guy who came up with this. A white guy in his 50s (maybe?) who had a British accent (I think?).

This sounded *genius* to me at the time. I've forgotten about it and recently thought about it again. I spent the weekend looking for it on my home laptop with no luck.

(Ahem, I just realized that all the effort going into finding the website, rather than just doing the methodology, is a form of procrastination. But still...)

I ran across it in March, and it may have been linked from someone's blog. I've searched through my links and through productivity blogs I frequent and haven't had much luck. Ring a bell for anyone?
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43 Folders and the hipster PDA perhaps?
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The British accent clue leads me to Mark Forster's website and "AutoFocus" system.
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That's it, webhund! Thank you!
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