Need original Italian tansit maps
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Where can I order or obtain paper (not PDF) mass transit maps for Milan and Venice?

I was recently in Milan and Venice on my honeymoon and one of the last days I thought it would be cool to frame mass transit maps from both. In Venice, despite maps being sold everywhere, I could not find a large one of the Vaporetto system. The one sold at Varporetto stations is tiny! I had similar luck trying to get a Milanese one at the main FS.

Anyone know where/who I could contact to obtain these through mail? I'd like originals and not just printed PDFs.

For instance I emailed the MTA and then sent me one free of charge. However, I can find a similar resource for ATM or Venice.


Here is an example of the Venice one

Here is an example of the Milan one.
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Do you have something against printing the PDFs?

Both of those PDFs you linked to are very high resolution (vector). Burn the PDFs to a CD; find a local print shop and ask them to print the two PDFs on the CD.
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Response by poster: I just wanted the character of the fold marks, etc.
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as far as I can gather, the maps in distribution to the public are smallish pocket editions. I think your best bet to find actual posters -if they exist- would be to write to the ATM for Milan and ACTV for Venice.
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