Anyone Speak Portuguese?
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I really want to know what these Portuguese bullfight protesters are chanting.

Here is the video. Shot this in Lisbon a few months back. Any help will be greatly appreciated. (Sorry it's a bit quiet)
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Response by poster: [Youtube Link]
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Whoa, I'm from Lisbon and I can hardly understand what they're saying. After a few times, I think I got the beginning of the slogan: "É cobardia matar (something unintelligible)-ia".

It means "It's cowardice to kill (something unintelligible that rhymes with cobardia)".

If it's any help the more usual slogan I've heard is "Tourada é cobardia, não é valentia". "bullfighting is cowardice, it's not bravery". So it might be something along those lines.
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Best answer: I hear it as: "É cobardia, a tauromaquia". "It's cowardice, bullfighting".
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Response by poster: Thanks very much both of you, that is a great help.
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