Wedding reception in Houston -- any ideas?
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Wedding venue in Houston, TX? We're looking for a budget-friendly, unique site to have a wedding reception in January 2010. The ceremony will be separate and small, but we'd like to have a fun, casual celebration for all our friends. Centrally located (inside the loop) is good but we're not ruling anything out. Any suggestions?
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Went to a cool, low key wedding reception at the Houston Heights Fire Station a few years back.
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Seconding the Fire Station. I almost used it for my own reception; we went with the Lovett Inn instead but it may be out of your price range.
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We held our stateside wedding at the Courtyard on St. James, it's in the Galleria area just outside the loop. They were very helpful in getting everything arranged.
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Check out DiverseWorks. They have the space and I imagine they would be budget-friendly if they have the date open. Plus, they have the hipster cred.

Other thoughts: Last Concert Café, Aurora Picture Show, Super Happy Fun Land.
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Response by poster: These are great, everyone! Thank you so much.
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We had our reception upstairs at Treabeards downtown. Not inexpensive but not stupid expensive either. They were great too - worth every penny and then some. I couldn't have asked for a nicer event.

Recently went to a fun small wedding reception at The Artery in the Museum district.

The Gardens of Bammel Lane is also nice.

And I've always thought the Jasmine Room at Baba Yega's in Montrose would be a nice place.

If it's really small what about the cute upstairs bar area of the River Oaks Theater?

Some other friends had theirs at the Majestic Metro downtown and had James Coney Island cater it because JCI is good and inexpensive. I think the Metro was a in a little disrepair when they did this years ago - now it seems to cater more towards the wedding reception crowd and may be pricey now. I don't really know. But it looks like a cool space.

The Heights Theater on 19th is kinda rough looking but could be inexpensive, cool in January and you could cater JCI or Tacos a GoGo for not too much. I remember looking at some lodges around town that were not so much to rent. They had a nice dorky old feeling to them that was sort of fun too - if you like that sort of thing. Maybe look at some of the Masonic Lodges.

Congrats! And good luck finding the right space!
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