I want to look like Lady Gaga!
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Help me look like a drag queen from outer space! I'm going as Lady Gaga for Halloween and need hair, makeup, and costume ideas.

[first question filter: I've kept up with Ask Me for months and have a laundry list of questions I'd like to ask. I thought I'd start with a fun one.]

I'd love any creative ideas or resources. Some examples here, here, and here. I need head-to-toe advice (wigs, makeup tips, diy clothing, websites that sell weird dresses and accessories, whatever you feel like might help).

A couple ideas I've thought of so far have been feather eyelashes, the lightning-bolt eyeshadow (a la David Bowie), and this cool mask I found. I'm at a loss for any clothing ideas and have only found one wig that looks acceptable.

I need the hivemind's help to look out-of-this-world fabulous!
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Ummm what? You know she has music videos right?

Just wear a leotard with no bottoms and ugly ankle boots or stillettos.
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There are dozens of Youtube makeup tutorials for Lady Gaga's styles. I'm not a huge fan of the 'stick a bit of cardboard on your face' technique in MichellePham's - I'd go with colored foil if one wanted to do that particular one.
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There's a good gallery of her wackiest stuff at Go Fug Yourself.
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The illustrious Lauren Luke has done several Lady Gaga looks (youtube link), I suppose it just comes down to which incarnation you're going as.

Don't forget a little mini penis under your skirt to "accidentally" flash at people ;)
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Her look at the end of Paparazzi at the VMAs involved blood! Very Halloween.
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I would maybe try to pick one of her "best known" looks - from the VMA performance, or a video.
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The beginning of "Poker Face" would probably be easy to communicate. Cover a cheap mask with bedazzles, get a drug store "hollywood starlet" wig and tie a kerchief around it, and the top half is done. If you have sewing ability, you could sew a tight shirt and use the same material to glue on to giant cardboard pieces for shoulder pads.
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you could try to do the discoball dress with cardboard, cardstock, aluminum foil, and spray adhesive, with a tube top black dress for the base of it all.

maybe hit a thrift store to get a really gaudy teacup and saucer
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oversized front teeth?
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No pants and a funny hat.
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