Where else have I heard this music?
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Where else have I heard the score from this scene in Five Deadly Venoms? (warning: kung-fu!) It's deeply familiar to me; I feel like it was used in the opening credits to a comedy sketch or something similar to that, but I can't place it.
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The Wu-Tang Clan samples it on a couple of tracks.
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It sounds a lot like music from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Perhaps the music that precedes the Knights Who Say Ni.
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No, that's not it. Well, I'm pretty certain it's in Holy Grail.
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Thanks, cloeburner. Bingo.
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WOW YES! Also related! I'm pretty sure that this segment from Clan (or fists) of the White Lotus uses music from Susperia! Does anyone know of other examples of this?
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