Does Zune HD have VPN connectivity option?
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Does Zune HD have VPN connectivity option as iPod touch?
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The iPhone and IPod Touch both support a variety of virtual private network connection options. You could use your device on a public network as securely as if you were on your private LAN. I suspect that the OP is asking if the Zune also supports VPN's. A brief Google is inconclusive, but points to no.
posted by paulg at 2:49 PM on September 26, 2009

I have a 32GB Zune and the networking options do not support any VPN. Now were you do some router side VPN, I suppose you could get it up and working, but from the Zune side there is no way.
posted by msbutah at 9:06 PM on September 26, 2009

What about Does it have a proxy option with authentications such as username and password with it? Or PPTP w/ authentications?
posted by omaralarifi at 11:08 AM on November 21, 2009

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