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Our dog ran away tonight. It's 1:30 am now. We live in a suburban subdivision. We've called animal control and looked for an hour and a half. Is it best to keeplooking or to sleep so we will be awake during daylight? She has tags with our phone number but no one has called. Have any tips for finding a lost dog? She got through the temporary fence my husband erected during house renovations.
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If you take her on a specific walk, have you checked along that route? She might have followed it.

Perhaps one of you could sleep while the other goes out looking? Have you alerted your neighbours? She might have gotten shut in somewhere.
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It might be hard to call her name when the neighborhood is sleeping. It's best to wait until first light if your hoofing it. I have a sneaking suspicion she'll be whining at the front door to be let in anytime.
Have you tried driving the car around? My dog loves rides and ends up finding us and following the car every time. He recognized the sound of the engine. If your dog is a lab, though, I wouldn't wait until morning, as they have a tendency to just run and run, following rabbit trails of scents.
Good luck to you and your pup!
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Put out some old bedding, or unwashed clothing (ie. still with your ordor on them) for her to find & bed down on (this is an old hunter's trick). We did this when our beloved cancer-stricked daughter, labador went off to die: We looked everywhere, calling out as we did, until the sun set (we also called shelters & vet clinic where she was being treated) . I put an old blanket & coat on the front porch, and the next day, there she was (albeit, forlorn & in pain).

After putting the bedding/clothing out, go to sleep -- you've done about all you can do at this point, and the optimal search stratagy for tomorrow is to be refreshed, rather than tired and confused and prone to mistake & panic.

Best wishes, and fwiw, I feel fairly confident you'll find her (or rather, that she'll find you).
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Hope you're doing ok. I lost my dog once, on a walk many miles from home. Somehow, we just got separated, and, in spite of many hours of calling her name, and whistling, I just couldn't find her. I walked home, and got my mum to drive us down the road near where we were walking. Sure enough, she was trotting up the road alone. I don't think I - or she - had ever been more happy to see each other. Dogs do have a wonderful sense of direction and don't tend to get truly lost too easily.

This family in the UK tried spraying their urine on lampposts. I'm not sure if it worked, but, as Tuesday After Lunch pointed out, smell is a big part of a dog's navigation system.

I'm sure she'll turn up though. Keep us informed.
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Response by poster: I just woke up with a doggie in my bed. I thought to myself, "you're just dreaming because you're sad sparky's gone." and then I realized it was a real dog! Best way to wake up ever! I think our neighbor found her, since my husband noticed them turning off their lights just now. That would mean he searched for her all night out of the goodness of his heart. If true, we need to find a way to say thanks. Thank you mefi for your support!
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If you can, make up some posters with your dog's picture and info and post them around. Most likely, someone will pick him up and return him if they know he's not a stray.

Check out the parks near you. And the school yards. My dogs loved to chase people in the park.

Please let us know what happens.
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I'm so sorry. There are tips here. Do make and distribute posters/flyers as soon as you can. (Note tip number 20, as well.)

When you find her, have her micro-chipped if she isn't already.

Best of luck to you!
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Failed to preview, but am so happy to hear the news... hurray!
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Awww I'm so glad you found em! One of our dogs got out last month so I know how you must have been feeling. We looked all over the neighborhood but he ended up being next door, sitting at the neighbor's fence. Next time we're going to start small, checking each house near ours instead of driving the streets.
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That's a good happy ending!
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Oh, I'm so glad. I teared up...a lot. :::goes to get tissue:::
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Yaaaay good story!!!!
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Best. AskMeFi Ending. Ever. :)
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Yeah! My dog, my lovely wife and I are celebrating your happy puppy dance of joy!
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What a great neighbor!
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Yay! Great news!!
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Yeay for happy ending!
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Oh yay! Glad your dog is back. (Sometimes it's good to read a thread after the happy outcome has already occurred!)
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