Pink / Red little moles on chest?
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What are the very deep pink (almost red) mole-like dots that often appear between the breasts?

Can't find the name anywhere on the internet. I'm wondering if it would be worth going to a dermatologist to get them removed. Anybody know the price for
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IANAD, and you should talk to yours, since the dots could represent a number of conditions, ranging from the benign, like cherry angiomas, to more serious things, like leukemia. Only your doctor is going to be able to make that call.
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Are they extremely tiny (pinhead size, but slightly raised), and are you extremely fair? I have these and my dermatologist said they were nothing and to expect more as I get older. Mostly on my chest, but also a couple on my face and legs and back. Hot stuff.

Personally (not a doctor, not your doctor), I would see a dermatologist if:
a) These are completely new to you.
b) They are large, irregular in shape, or very numerous.
c) You hate them so much you really need them removed.
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Yeah, what dayintoday said. Most likely either heat rash or just plain old zits.
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probably moles. Moles aren't always brown.
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If you are fair and they are cherry angiomas, you'd be a good candidate for laser, and if it's just a few "dots" it shouldn't be prohibitively expensive, but the amount will vary by dermatologist and even geographical location. Get it checked out and if it is something of that nature you may be able to prevent further angiomas by using sunscreen (the skin on the decolletage is particularly delicate and really shows sun damage).
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Nthing cherry angiomas. A dermatologist can just zap them off. Welcome to getting older!
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Oh and - I only have to pay a $10 copayment to get mine zapped off. No idea what it would cost without insurance.
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Also called Campbell De Morgan spots. And isn't doesn't the word "papule" just make it worse?
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