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How do you pronounce the last name of Astrud Gilberto in Portugese?

Were it Spanish, I would pronounce it Heel-Bear-Toe. What about in the native language?
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You can listen to natives pronouncing it at Forvo.com.
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Zhhheel BEAR to.

swallow, french style, the "r" in bear

make the final "o" halfway between the vowels in toe and in too.
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The "r" sound varies greatly depending on the regional accent. Where I live (Salvador) it would a big phlegmy almost "h" type sound but in other cities it's almost like the American "r".

And your "l" should be softer than in English; the "il" makes kind of an "EEE-ooo" sound.
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Jeil BEAR toe

Je is like the French "je" and the first syllable rhymes with "heel".
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zsee-oo beh-too

The zs is like zsa zsa gabor or the s in pleasure. Like wallaby said, L's before other consonants become an "oo" sound, and the R really varies. Dropping the R completely is within the realm of what native speakers would do, so you could do that (that's the option I wrote above). Another common pronunciation would be a the "H" type sound, a non-pitched expulsion of air that almost makes it another syllable (beh-h-too). Final O's are pronounced as if they were U's ("oo"). Some people from the interior of São Paulo state would pronounce the R like the Swedish chef from the muppets, believe it or not.
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And her first name would be Ahsh-troo-gee.
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Like this
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