Cheap Mets tickets for 10/2?
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Mets tickets: next Friday, 10/2, vs the Astros- has to be a cheaper way, right?

OK so the Mets suck, but the tickets are way expensive. It looks like I'll be in town for the weekend, and I'd like to go see them play another sucky team, the Astros. Is there some clever way of obtaining what I think should be cheaper tickets?
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I went to the official Mets site then to the stub hub link and you can get a cheap ticket no problem. My other suggestions are to just go to the stadium. I am sure you will find a season holder to give you one or a scalper to sell you one cheap. Also, call a local ticket broker and ask if he has any friends in the business in NY. They will have seats they might comp you as a good customer.
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The ones on stubhub are getting dumped. You can get Promenade tickets for under $10, plus $9 service fees.
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(And Stubhub for MLB games is legit. They cancel the original e-ticket and reissue it to you with a new barcode.)
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Message me if your schedule allows for the 10/4 game instead. I'll be out of town, but I've got tickets in sec. 106, row 11, seats 20 and 21 that I'm looking to get rid of -- discounted to face value, of course.
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Thirding Stubhub. It's a bit tacky that MLB conducts self-scalping like that, but it works. I've used it often, for both buying and selling back when I can't make a game.

Those games will be busy because the season's almost over and everyone's cashing in their "last chance" chips.
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