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(Asking for a friend) Is there a place on ye olde interwebbes where I can see a gallery of all the artwork currently on display at the Chelsea Hotel? ALTERNATELY can anyone help me identify this painting?

Blurry cellphone picture here. The Chelsea Hotel's website has exactly six pieces on display, none of which is the correct one. My friend would love to know who painted this and any other information available-- she's currently on a bus going to Boston, and typically she lives in Portland, and I'm not sure if she'll be back in NYC anytime soon so as to inquire at the hotel. TinEye is predictably unhelpful. Any ideas on how to go about identifying this thing?
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Response by poster: Update: To add to the fun, my friend has just informed me that the blurry cellphone picture is only the right 80% of the canvas.
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Response by poster: Sorry about that... trying to find an image host that isn't blocked at the office. Try this one?
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Response by poster: It's on the third floor (I believe) of the main stairwell. She said there's no plaque or tag on it.

Thanks very much!
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If you can get a better picture, kathrineg, please send it to me. My aunt lived in the Chelsea for years and years and may well know whose it is. Actually, although I can't really tell from the image, it might even be one of hers. If it's hers it will be signed TRUXELL somewhere on the bottom.
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ALTERNATELY can anyone help me identify this painting?

I bet these people know...

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There's a movie out next week about the Chelsea's art collection -- might be something on the site.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much for keeping at this, kathrineg. Gold star.
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