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Who are some interesting delicious.com bookmarkers?

I'm looking for people that have interesting delicious (del.icio.us) bookmark feeds.

Examples of user types I'm looking for:

(1) Academic bookmarkers e.g. Brad de Long, or Cosma Shalizi.

(2) Specialist topic bookmarkers e.g. bldgblog's architecture stream, or my mind on books blog stream (they bookmark psychology, neuroscience, and other brain related books).

(3) Any others that you consider interesting (maybe a brief explanation why?).

Things I'm not looking for:

(1) individuals whose bookmarks are carbon copies of digg, reddit, or other sites e.g. people that keep bookmarks of lolcats, the latest yellow journalism and outrage of the web, or web2.0 top ten lists of how to wear a laptop as a hat.

(2) tags themselves. I'm looking for interesting people with depth and their collection of bookmarks, not interesting tags.

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Michael Nielsen co-wrote the bible of Quantum Computation, then mostly left the field and now writes/thinks about Open Science (meh). But he usually has interesting links I don't find elsewhere.
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mathowie's bookmark stream has a lot of stuff that would appeal to MetaFilter users, since the same sense of what is interesting is applied to both. There is usually some description.
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Clay Shirky (author of books and articles about online social structures)
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You can find a bunch of mefi's account on this thread from a while back, all sorts of interesting subjects.
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Yes, that MetaTalk thread is great. Also try looking at the Delicious networks of interesting users and see who they're following.

I happen to think my whole network is awesome, but here are some selected people (other than Cosma Shalizi and BLDGBLOG, who you have already): Adam Greenfield (urban computing, art, design), City of Sound (sort of like BLDGBLOG), Michal Migurski (data, visualization, maps), Stamen (San Francisco, visualization, business), KCET Local (interesting Los Angeles news), Aaron Straup Cope (Flickr, APIs, maps), John McVey (history of design, odd things), Ouroboros (news, food, drinks), Preoccupations (education, technology, England), Greg J. Smith (design, architecture, art), George Oates (history, libraries), Pruned (landscape, architecture).
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