....tore me a new asshole.
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So it appears I have a tear in my buttocks. Most likely NSFW details inside.

So over the past few weeks I have notice blood in my stool and on the toilet paper when I BM. I just passed it off as hemorrhoids, until tonight. I noticed a larger amound of blood than 'normal' in the toilet water. After wiping, I checked myself in the mirror, and it appears I have a 1" long hole/tear at the top of my (for lack of a better term) buttcrack. It doesn't constantly bleed, and it doesn't really hurt.

I am currently away from home for another week and a half, and I am planning on seeing a doctor when I get home. My questions are: How did this happen? Should I see a doctor immediately, or can I afford to wait as long as the bleeding remains minimal? Why would I not bleed every time I BM if this tear is here? Am I facing any real health problems by not seeing a doctor immediately? How serious is this?

My throwaway email is askmefithrowaway@yahoo.com. Thank you.
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Bleeding in that region is always a reason to see a doctor IMMEDIATELY. You may not be able to see the entire problem, and because of the location of the injury, infection is a very real possibility.
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Are you serious? Get thee to a doctor NOW. This minute.
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It could be Pilonidal Cyst [NSFW]. There was a frightening thread about it on Somethingawful a few months back, posted by a guy who had one. Infection is the biggest risk for you right now, so get to a doctor to get it checked out.
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Q. How did this happen?
A. Hard to tell. Constipation, straining, etc.

Q. Should I see a doctor immediately, or can I afford to wait as long as the bleeding remains minimal?
A. See a doctor immediately.

Q. Why would I not bleed every time I BM if this tear is here?
A. Who knows, it may be partly healing over and you keep opening it again.

Q. Am I facing any real health problems by not seeing a doctor immediately?
A. Yes. Infection can kill.

Q. How serious is this?
A. Can't say, I'm not a doctor, but I'd get to one ASAP.
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Hey this sounds like it could be an anal fissure, which on the one hand sounds like some kind of nightmare but on the other doesn't sound all that serious. Sounds like some self heal and some can be chronic and need medicine and/or surgery to get them to close up. Until now, I thought this was just something Kevin from The Office made up! The blessings of St. Bonaventure be upon your behind.
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Almost assuredly an anal fissure, as mentioned earlier by Askr. As long you're not in a lot of pain or bleeding a whole lot, don't stress. Most likely this will heal up by the time you get back home, at which time you can follow-up with your primary doctor. No need to rush to the ER for something like this.

Try adding some fiber to your diet in the meantime to soften your stools to reduce straining, and be sure to keep the area clean - a little bidet or water bath for the bottom helps. The anal region is surprisingly difficult to get infected, as there is a strong blood supply to the area which promotes good healing and immune function.

Things that might make you want to see someone sooner: fevers, weakness/fatigue, diarrhea or vomiting, intense pain and swelling in the area, incontinence, or abdominal pain.
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An over-the-counter stool softener in addition to more fiber and more water will be key.
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Bright red blood in the toilet: maybe not so bad. Dark, tarry, congealed blood: emergency.
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(I'm not a doctor. See a doctor.) Based on the location and description, I agree with chambers: Pilonidal Cyst. Likely in your case the cyst finally ruptured. I had something similar about a decade ago. Mine just went away, but at worst you'll need to have it surgically removed, which from what I know is minor out-patient, type surgery. But who knows, so see a doctor soon.
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I've had an anal fissure, and it required surgery to heal correctly. It also hurt like a motherfucker until the surgery.

This is not a part of your body you want to "hope for the best."
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See a doctor. It likely isn't major, but this is one of those things that always bears being checked out by a physician. If it's a fissure, he'll tell you to keep an eye on it and maybe apply some Neosporin to it while it heals, unless it's stubborn and requires more treatment. Been there, done that, got freaked out, got checked out, got un-freaked out. But, for safety sake do get it looked at. (Singing "Moon River" while doc is poking around is optional.)
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You say its the top of your "buttcrack." If this is up towards your tailbone it's possibly a pilonidal sinus as mentioned earlier.
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See a doctor.
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