Need a New Heater
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What can you tell me about getting a new, gas wall heater/furnace?

The old heater (gas floor furnace), which is original to the house (1940's) has gone kaput. Apparently they don't even make replacement parts for floor furnaces anymore, we don't want to install forced air/heating, so a wall heater it will be. I just don't want to get ripped off in the process. Any advice on approximately what it should cost for installation? Do we have to pull a permit for this? Also, your experience with regard to brands. I am willing to pay for a good quality product, I just don't want to pay twice the going rate for labor. We're in L. A., if that colors your answer. Thanks.
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There are certain models that can apparently raise your insurance premiums. Personally, if something raised my premiums, it has two strikes against it. The premiums and the risk that causes those rates. I seem to remember the "blue flame" models as the problem ones.

I'm trying to buy a 30,000 BTU infrared myself, but they're in high demand right now. Like this one. 1 page down. Don't deal with this company though.

Labor is pricey per hour (~$50-$100 from a licensed serviceperson), but it shouldn't be more than 2 hours (rounding up) if the required connections are in place. You could have the electrical run by a different person if need be, a friend, etc..

Rinai seems to be pretty decent, not sure what they make other than forced air though. and consumer reports have quite a bit of material on these things I imagine.

Don't know about permits. I imagine not - the unit is going to meet specs for residential installation, the burden of safety lies mostly with the manufacturer. There are often codes to be followed regarding installation, the location of the nearest gas shut off, etc..

BUT, I do not know.
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When I had to get a new gas furnace last year, the city inspector called about a week after the installation to set up an appointment for him to come inspect it. The HVAC company that sold and installed it might have had to get a permit; I'm not sure about that. But I don't live in LA.

The new ones are so efficient compared to even 15 years ago. I predict you will be much happier with your gas bills.
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