I have a baby education society, now it needs a name.
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Help me name my wicked-cool collaborative learning group!

This question has more backstory on the project, but the basics are: a bunch of people get together to work through a book or topic together, about which none of them are experts. We'll be holding a few classes at a time.

Facts: We're in Brooklyn, probably doing it around the Gowanus, classes will run the gamut from crafty to pure bookish intellectualism

Notes: A lot of words related to collaboration make us sound like an anarchist collective. We're trying to avoid that! We'd also prefer to sound fun over being a horribly formal institution, but we don't want it to be embarrassed to say it out loud. It also isn't a requirement that the name be entirely descriptive.

Things we like: If every class also was about prom, we'd just call it The Dilettante Ball. Brooklyn Guild unfortunately already exists. Brooklyn Creative League has a fun name, too.

and sure, these classes will probably be full of hipsters, so it's okay to court them a little bit as long as you don't alienate Everyone Else
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forget courting hipsters, let's roll out the bad puns!

my vote: A Tree Grows in Booklyn
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The Nerd Nucleus--nerd being used affectionately, of course
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Derek Zoolanders School For Kids Who Read Pretty Good And Want to Express Their Interests In a Creative and Collaborative Environment
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Rank Amateur Society

A for Effort

Stone Soup Club
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Best answer: Bombastic Brooklyn Brainery
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If irritating alliteration is what you're after I think Brooklyn Bap Betterment Bloc would be hard to beat. Omit 'bap' if you want to sound less like Beckett/undergrads.
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League of Extraordinary Pupils
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Of course, that would make you all LEPers.
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The Gowanus Guild
The Canal Crew
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Gowanus Canal Snorkelers
What's That Smell?
The "F" is for Full (referring to F Train)
We're Not In Red Hook Anymore, Toto
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The Unschool Kids
The Invisible College
The de la Paz Institute
United Autodidacts
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The Brooklyn Society, being for the Education and Elucidation of Certain Gentle Men and Women on Various Subjects of Curiosity by Means of Convivial Inquiry and Dialogue.

Commonly shortened to the BS'ers. :)
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Brooklyn Residents Allied to Increase kNowledge
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The Tyro Power Appreciation Society.

Or, super-annoying and probably too OLD!!!! pop-culture reference for most of yiz: Thinking Fellers Union Local 1.
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Response by poster: brooklyn brainery it is!
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