What's that unusual gift?
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Help me find that elusive gift!

Looking for a gift for a friend. Incredibly smart woman in her early thirties and has the following likes:

TV: Dr. Who (new and old alike), Red Dwarf, Torchwood, Buffy
Books: Sergei Lukyanenko's "Nightwatch", "Daywatch etc., Douglas Adams
Hobbies: Knotting, former Sudoku addict
Music: Reel Big Fish, Trans Siberian Orchestra, alternative set
Other: Live comedy, Good eclectic food, Art shows, Craft shows, Techie IT employee, geek with geeky sense of humor

If the above describes you, what would you want? What's the unusual gift that I'm overlooking? If possible, it should be readily available in the St. Louis regional area without having to order it and have it shipped.
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Response by poster: Oh! The budget is $30-$50, preferably $30-$40.
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Well, that's me, except I'm older. I'd like a large paper kite, something artsy and Asian, shaped like a bird or fish, to hang from the ceiling or over the wall. Prob cost >$40, though. (Are you listening, DH?) How about a Dalek to use as a paperweight?
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The IT Crowd seasons 1 and 2.
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Has she seen Firefly? As a fan of both sci-fi and Joss Whedon, it seems like a perfect fit for your friend and you can buy the entire series for about $30. I'm working my way through the series now and loving it, such a shame it was so short-lived.
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Response by poster: Maybe it's obvious, but it should have been "knitting", not "knotting".
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Have you been to Gringo Jones? It's been a while for me, but the last time I was there that had a pretty eclectic collection. Those Day of the Dead figurines/dioramas, for example, were pretty damn cool.
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Best answer: The Loopy Ewe is a yarn store in St. Louis. As someone a lot like the person you described, a gift certificate there would make me jump with joy. They are mostly an internet order business so their shop is only open a couple days a week but there is a phone # on their website and they might be able to hook you up.

The Dr. Horrible DVD.

Some Books on CD so she could knit and listen at the same time.

Signature Needles would also be an awesome knitting gift, but they don't have any retailers near you. They are very expensive for knitting needles (and worth it) but they fit right into your budget.

Finally just for fun, a pattern to knit Daleks.
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Best answer: Oh, knitting: well, no problem. A pair of wonderful hardwood or glass needles. Don't buy the bamboo as they can splinter. Or a pretty case to keep her needles in. Or a gift certificate to her local yarn store.
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Best answer: All fans of old-timey Doctor Who should own the Doctor Who Pattern Book.
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