soulSuX: I need music!
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Its been a couplefew years and there is still no decent music sharing solution for mac? Theres got to be something, right?

This is the only headache I have from switching to mac. Ive been told they search the same database but I dont buy it, soulSeeX on mac does not return anywhere near the results slsk does on PC. Same deal with solarseek and nicotine. Whats the secret?
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With a combination of Vuse and hypemachine (click on "read full post"), I never have trouble finding what I want.
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BitTorrent and IsoHunt?
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What you need to do is find a good private BitTorrent tracker site for music.
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aMule. Google for a server list that will let you bootstrap into the Kad network and then do a global search for your songs/albums. Giving torrents a second try would likely bring better results, though. Unless you have very niche tastes, the objects of which can't sustain a torrent but will still show up on a old-school p2p all-in-one client/network, of course. The technical barriers are very low now; the hardest part now is finding a tracker site that doesn't make you miserable.
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There's a newer build of soulseeX that fixes a bug (it doesn't listen on the right port) on Intel Macs that I reported several years ago. For some reason he never posted a link to it on the site. Maybe give it a try.
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Best answer: Ah, it looks like Soulseek moved to a different server, and ssX doesn't use it by default. Here's how to get it to.
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