Need a Linux media server
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I wish to rip DVDs to a Linux server and then watch them at my leisure on my TV via either a wired or wireless network. There appear to be countless devices that will stream videos (like this) but I haven't been able to tell which will play DVDs off a network (with menus and all) and which just stream plain-old-MPEGs. Has anyone got experience with a digital media gadget that will do this?
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Response by poster: Also: I'd love to pay less than $300; I'd love it if the device would decrypt the DVD rather than me having to do it when ripping, although that's not mandatory; the Prismiq looks like it might do it, but boy do some of those reviewers hate it...something less reviled would be great.
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A modded X-Box would be my first choice. I think that streaming DVD image files with menus and all is a feature to be included in the next version of XBMC.
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A modded x-box is the way to go for now. Not sure about upcoming ISO support, however.

I use a xbox and combine that with a linux samba server and divx/xvid rips of movies. The movies are just rips- no menus or anything... think 'digital VHS' copies.

Xbox: $149. Modchip: $60. 2 hours of your time. Done
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Try checking out the MythTV project, or Freevo. MythTV is the leader (or it has been, things change rapidly) in the build your own tivo/media center/movie ripping/etc. boxes. And my suggestion would be going with the Hauppage card that does the hardware encoding/decoding.

Read more opinions than mine, but that will get you started, and the card is only $189.

Also look into information about the HD capture cards that are available that ignore the broadcast flag (if you're looking for that). Those will stop being sold next year due to new regulations.
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Response by poster: Thought about MythTV but I just don' t have the time to futz with it right now (my life is in a busy period) so I'm looking for an off-the-shelf answer. I'll look more into the Xbox thing, if it's as easy as you say, id, it's the way to go.
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