Get Outlook to tell me how many emails I get in a month.
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Get Outlook to tell me how many emails I receive in a month.

I've got three folders with archived messages, separated by year.

I'd like to know how many emails I got each month in those folders, without having to do it manually (I have about 3800 emails in each folder).

I'm using Outlook 2003 and am willing to export things if necessary.
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Two things I can suggest:

* This may be what you mean by "manually," but: create sub-folders in each folder, one for each month. Move each of the emails into the corresponding folder. Then open each folder and Outlook will tell you how many are inside.

* Or, if you want an average, just divide the number of emails in each years' folder by twelve.
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i don't know if it possible in the free version but this looks to be something that could be accomplished in the pro version of xobni.
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Best answer: You can select the contents of the email box, copy, and paste into excel.

This will give you a date of receipt. You can extract the month of receipt by using the =MONTH function and then run the =COUNTIF function to count emails by months.

If you have multiple years worth of data and want to differentiate between Jan 09 and Jan 08, you need to extract the year as well and run a pivot table on the data.
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If you have MS Access installed, you can link to your inbox and run a query against it.

Via Link Tables > Files Of Type: Exchange.
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install xobni - once it's done indexing, click on "xobni analytics" then "Mail Traffic"
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