What non-NYC east coast cities have a vibrant graphic design community?
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What are good cities on the East Coast for graphic design besides New York City?

I live on the west coast now and am planning to move east in a few years. Besides NYC, are there any other cities with a thriving graphic design community? I'd like to be somewhere in the Northeast (Maryland and north). Thanks!
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Best answer: Boston has a strong design community. New York's is much larger not because of city size, but because it's such a hub of international work.

If you're frightened by Manhattan, Brooklyn's pretty booming too, and a bit more laid back.
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Quick search on Indeed shows a lot of graphic design jobs here in Boston, which tends to have everything you'd find in NYC, only on a slightly smaller scale.
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There is the Rhode Island School of Design, so I would imagine there has to be some community around that.
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Try looking into Philly. They have the Art Institute.
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Yep, Providence, RI. I know a few arty-farty types here in town. :7) But make sure you have a day job, as I think (from outside the biz) that it can take a while to get established.
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