Online event listings, what are the good ones?
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Please show me the most informative and useful online event listings you use.

Want to revamp the event listings for the company, make them really informative and useful to the end user. To that end I'm looking around at other listings to see how others manage and present the data for users.

So what event site do you find really useful in terms of clearly presenting information about what's going on not only today, but in the future?
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I really really enjoy sched. It's made for a big event that has a lot of stuff going on at once, but I generally think their look is worth emulating. Easy to plan, easy to put data in and get it out, colorful but not TOO colorful. Not saying you need to give them money, but it's a worthwhile look.
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Spending money on a package is doable, so suggestions along that line are also welcome.
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My department has an events website with some kind of back-end that, I presume, allows simultaneous web creation & e-mail notification. As a user, I almost never use the web site, because I get notifications via e-mail about events. Options include any combination of: never, as-soon-as-created, two-weeks-to-go, day-before, and maybe day-of. I could inquire more if this sounds reasonable. There are also, I think within this, multiple user lists that can be used, so you could be a member of one series' e-mail list & also another, but all the events still end up on the same page (not sorted by series). Does that make sense? I could get in touch with the webmaster if this is at all of interest.
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