Sliding-Scale Shrink Needed in Philly
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Philadelphia Therapy: I really need a therapist. Unemployed, COBRA to run out soon, money running low, but therapy really, really, really needed.

So, can you recommend a therapist in Philly who does sliding-scale treatment? I need specific names/numbers people. I don't have it in me to keep searching around. (I once called 45--literally, I kept a tally--therapists before I found one who accepted my insurance, was seeing new patients, and had an opening within the next two months. I cannot do that again.)

I am happy to go to the psych residents or whatever, but where are they? Who do I contact? "Call Penn" is not helpful. How do I find out who has sliding scales?

I have been unemployed for almost a year. I have no job prospects. Subsidized COBRA will be gone in a few months, and I just cashed out a retirement plan to pay rent for the next few months. So really, I can't afford more than $10-20 a session and most shrinks cost up to 10 times that.

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I am asking around and will follow up with anything I turn up. You can contact me directly in the meantime if you want to. If your situation doesn't change you'll soon likely be a better candidate for Medicaid funded community mental health tretment, which I could help you with.
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Have you tried calling a medical free clinic and seeing if they have a list of names? It seems to me that they might have done that legwork and could provide you with a number of sliding-scale places. Good luck to you!
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I used to see this woman on a sliding scale when I was unemployed and without insurance. I paid more than $20/session but less than the $150 standard rate. It was a stretch for me but totally worth it. I'd recommend giving her a call and see if she'll work with you to come up with a plan.
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Also, I know several people who see this woman and she does accept insurance.
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You can use this link and then specify Philadelphia... there are literally dozens of results for your city. Best of luck.
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UPenn Department of Psychiatry, Outpatient Psychiatry Center

Residents' Psychotherapy Practice - provides short and long-term psychotherapy on a sliding scale with senior trainees in psychiatry under the supervision of attending and consulting staff

I have no idea what the "sliding scale" goes down to. If your an eligible candidate, you might want to consider a clinical trial.
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Sorry for the delay, I had to contact a few people to find the right person to ask.

Local Sliding Scale Providers

1. Pennsylvania Council for Relationships
4025 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia PA 19104
215 382 6680

2. Temple University Community Counseling Clinic
Psychological Services
Weiss Hall, 13th St. and Cecil B Moore Ave
Philadelphia PA 19122
215 204 7324

3. Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Center for Brief Therapy
4190 City Ave
Philadelphia PA 19131
215 871 6487

4. Philadelphia Mental Health Center
1235 Pine St.
Philadelphia PA 19107
215 735 9379

5. Women’s Therapy Center
The Philadelphia Building
1315 Walnut St. Suite 1517
Philadelphia PA 19107
215 567 1111

6. Cognitive Therapy Clinic
University of Pennsylvania
215 573 5803

7. Mazzoni Center for LGBT community
809 Locust St.
Philadelphia PA
215 563 0658

Also, I was told you look into the Psychological Services Center at Temple, that provides counseling services for as low as $5 a session. I understand there may be a substantial waiting list, though, but it's a start.

Please contact me directly if there is anything else I can do to help you.
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