ID movie: Graffiti artist tricks drug dealer
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Help ID 70s or 80s movie: Graffiti artist tricks drug dealer into committing one last crime.

The ever-popular moviefilter: Movie was probably a late 70s or 80s movie. I suspect it was a TV movie. The protagonist was a graffiti artist. Somehow he runs afoul of a young gang leader. The sequence at the end of the movie goes something like this: The artist, and his girlfriend I think, convince the drug dealer to go in for one more big score the day before he turns 18. Together, the two drug the dealer and set his watch ahead a day. Sting goes down. Because the dealer is no longer a minor, he gets hard time.

Any takers?
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Best answer: Dreams Don't Die (1982)?
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Response by poster: Wow, that really seems like it must be it! I tried searching several times, but my Google-fu proved sadly incapable.

As an aside, I realize upon re-reading it that I didn't describe the conclusion very well. The boy and his girlfriend set up a sting to take place the day the drug dealer turns 18. Two days before then, they drug him and wake him up on his birthday. While he is unconscious, they set his watch back, so he thinks he is still 17 or some nonsense like that.

- AJ
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