Nice desk and chair for reasonable price?
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I need recommendations for a desk and chair for my home please. Requirements inside.


-will be used for laptop and spread out papers, fairly standard stuff
-contemporary style, should look reasonably good
-should be medium-sized; no l-shaped things
-need drawers, bookshelf, and filing cabinet with it
-<$500 (though the cheaper the better!)

Chair for desk:

-comfortable, ergonomic, reasonably good-looking


-need suggestion as to where to buy these in New York or via mail order.
-need delivery and assembly from seller for not too much more

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No recommendations on the desk, but I got a MARKUS about 9 months ago and I'm very happy with it. It's got a rather high back which gives it a "captains chair" kind of look that I liked when I saw it. Available at any IKEA or mail-order from them.
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Space Air Grid 5560 by Office Star is the first sub $500 (new price that is, my favorite chairs have all been used until this one) office chair I have liked. I have not purchased from Sit4Less (a couple of coworkers have made purchases and were happy). I got mine from CostCo.
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If you're concerned about ergonomics, put your money into a keyboard tray and an external keyboard for the laptop. The arching of your wrists up to that laptop is worse for you than anything related to the chair.
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Any chair can be made even better with the Back Vitalizer. Seriously the best back pad I've ever used. I didn't believe my dad at all when I first tried his, but I was immediately hooked and promptly "borrowed" his. There are a couple different ways to use it but I prefer using it as a back pad rather than sitting on it.
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