Renting Jewelry??
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Does anyone have any experience with renting jewelry for a wedding? This is a new concept to me, but our soon-to-be bride has found a couple of places (mainly Adorn and where she is considering renting a large necklace, because we have nothing appropriate to fill up the space her strapless dress leaves looking empty. Any advice??
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This seems ideal for the "something borrowed" concept...
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I looked into that myself and the main issue was timing. You can't really pick when you get the jewelry and there is a waiting list for a lot of the items. It is quite random, and holding on to the item for more than a few weeks is no longer cost effective.
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Could you check with a professional costume company? That might allow you to get what you need when you need it.
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this has nothing to do with jewelry rental but maybe another solution to the vasty emptiness of the strapless neckline: both etsy and anthropologie have some very cool bib necklaces that are not exorbitant. they definitely tend more toward the funky than fancy, although there are some beaded/pearl options.
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also at etsy is alchemy a section that lets you specify what you want, and how much you'll pay for it, and then the artist there bid on the job. If your bride likes beaded jewelry at all, she could have something really fabulous custom made for a pretty reasonable price. (and let me know if you do, so I can bid!)
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etsy is a fabulous idea and i agree whole heartedly.

Do you have a jewelry store where you are both getting your rings? Could you rent some jewelry there for a fee? Or another store where you have a relationship?
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