Can you help me find obscure funk mp3s to sample?
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Help me find just the right online crate to dig in - I'm working on a hipstery disco record (think Daft Punk, MSTRKRFT) and would love to find some old happy, dancey funk/soul/whatever you want to call it to sample, but I'd like to shy away from anything super mainstream or typical. I have no idea where to start, but I know there are all manner of mp3 blogs for other obscure genres, so I'm hoping you mefites can point me at your favorites that will help me address this particular need.
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I'd recommend that you look at what music places like Turntable Lab and Dusty Groove are selling online. They basically specialize in crate-digging stuff. Turntable Lab will help you with the essentials and the more accessible stuff (which is a relative term here) and Dusty Groove will help you go beyond that.
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Best answer: there's a ton of "blog house" out there.

palms out
love life
dj me this one is a bit mainstream.
mad decent label blog
disco dust
big stereo
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This album should yield a few decent samples.
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Best answer: You could do a lot worse than to peruse WFMU's Downtown Soulville podcast archives. Good stuff!
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Try a little Cerrone. Daft Punk already sampled Supernature for Veridus Quo, but there's tons of other good stuff out there.
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Chris Joss? I don't know if he counts as super mainstream (I've heard of him, so he probably does).
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Best answer: I can't believe nobody has mentioned the Funky 16 Corners Blog, which is always good for rare soul/funk jams
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