Maybe not the Sleep Eazy Motel, though
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I'm visiting San Francisco this weekend, but I don't want to stay overnight in the City. What's your favorite Bay Area cheap-ish hotel? BART accessibility a plus.

The ladyfriend and I are driving up from LA this weekend for Folsom. We'd rather spend our money on gear than hotels, so we were hoping to find a hotel/motel outside of San Francisco proper.

We're coming up the 101, but it looks like the East Bay is the best bet for BART access, right?

We're open to anything, I'd just rather not bring home bedbugs.
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Hostel at Fort Mason is awesome, no bedbugs, and cheap:
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The Hilton Garden Inn in Emeryville is clean, inexpensive, and easy to get to BART (McArthur Station). Parking is not included, but it was only $5 per day when I went last (in July).

You can either drive to BART and park in the lot, which is very crouded on weekdays, or take the shuttle. The shuttle doesn't run on Sundays.
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The Marin Headlands hostel is terrific if you'd like to get out of the city, and it's only a few minutes away from SF over the Golden Gate bridge, though you have to drive there. And ditto Zia: Fort Mason is great, walking distance to North Beach and Fisherman's Wharf.
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The Jack London Inn may sound great, and it was pretty cool and in a reasonably good location, but it's right next to a train line. If you get a room, try to get a room on the other side of the hotel from the line.
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The Berkeley Rodeway Inn is the cleanest hotel I've ever stayed in, anywhere. Free parking, free breakfast, and the staff is really nice when you lock yourself out of your room and have to come to the front desk in pajamas and a coat. It's also a few blocks from North Berkeley BART.
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Best answer: I've been staying at the Capri for years. Yes, it's in the City, but it's cheap. The Capri also has free parking, is in a great walking neighborhood with easy public transpo (leave the car, explore on foot), and free wifi. And no bedbugs that I'm aware of.
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The Washington Inn gets mixed reviews on Yelp, but it is pretty cheap, and right across the street from 12th st BART, and is within walking distance of good cafes, Belgian beer, and breakfast.
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Also try The Opal.
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