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Can you help a fashionable girl find a nice leather wallet-style iphone case?

I'm looking for a leather iPhone case, something like this Sena case but more stylish and/or funky and/or sophisticated...essentially I want something more fashionable and higher quality that this. I would like this to be a kind of clutch purse in which I can put a small amount of cash and 2-3 cards. I like the style of acme made but they don't make iPhone cases.

Online would be good but I'm in NYC so if you have any stores to to suggest here that would be great too. Any recommendations?
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Due to Flash content I can't link to it directly, but try Vaja
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I won one for my pocket pc a few years ago and it held up nice. even had a belt clip. the top flipped up and had pockets for just your purpose.
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I feel like I recommend Hard Graft about once a month, but these are beautiful and high-quality.
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I liked the style of the Marware cases, but can't really recommend them at this point- mine fell apart after about 2 months use- had to hotglue the belt clip back on (uggggggly).
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I also came in to recommend They have a tone of styles on their website. I have one of their iPhone cases and one of their iPod cases, and I love them both. The leather is very high quality, comes in a variety of colors (something I found was not available in a lot of other lines) and they look quite sophisticated, IMHO anyway. They also have removable clips, so if you are a girl like me who does not wear my phone on my belt, they fit nicely into other bags or pockets.
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Seconding Vaja's leather stuff, nice craft quality and attention to detail.
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