By the waters of Cape Cod I sat and wept when I remembered Hotlanta . . .
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What are the best websites about the American South and Southern Culture? Help me remember what I have left and to keep abreast of the cultural happenings in my homeland while I sojourn amongst the Yankees.

I'm looking for things like the Southern Foodways Alliance that celebrates Southern food and The Oxford Americana Southern magazine of writing.

Southern Lit, Sociologically oriented sites, Websites on Southern Music, a great history website or well written, Southern focused blogs are what I am looking for.
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I've recently learned that Garden & Gun is popular amongst my more deeply rooted Southern friends (5 person sample). God that sounds bad! However, given that one of the posts in one of its blogs is titled, "Fried Chicken Update," it may be up your alley.
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Best answer: Whoops. Here's the link. Check the "in the magazine" section for some light cultural/lifestyle bits. I was pleasantly surprised to find a piece on a mysterious phenomenon I've been noticing for years - dwindling firefly populations.

Let us know if you need grits.
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Haven't read it in years but I remember Southern Cultures being decent. Though IANAS.
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Southern Living magazine should make you nice and homesick.
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What part of the South are you talking about? It's not all one homogenous place, despite what the Yankees may think. Are you talking about East Tennessee? The South Carolina coast? The Louisiana swamps? The Alabama Blackbelt? Wiregrass country? The Ozarks? The Delta? The Gulf coast? What?
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Response by poster: Let me say that in the absence of a website, I will gladly settle for wood pulp and ink.
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Savory Exposure. Wonderful, Atlanta Food blog. Talk about southern food with photos, what could be better!
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Best answer: A progressive political southern view can be found at Facing South. I also like to see what's up with the Southern Environmental Law Center. Switching gears a bit, you can also never go wrong with an eight piece box and the latest news from Southern Culture on the Skids.
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Best answer: Almost forgot about Southern Spaces, which might be more of what you're actually looking for.
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