Where to buy a Carry On Garment Duffel Bag in Minneapolis?
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Minneapolis Filter: Where can I find this bag in or near Minneapolis tomorrow (Tuesday 9/22)?

I am looking for a garment duffel/bag that's as minimal as possible, yet has room for 1 suit, 1 shirt, and a few undergarments/extras. I need one that will fit in an overhead bin on my flight tomorrow as I'd prefer to not check it if possible.

This bag is exactly what I'm looking for, but I can only find it online. I don't have time to order it online unfortunately, as I need it tomorrow by 9pm. I'd be happy with anything similar, as long as it's in the $100 or less price-range.

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It sounds like you just want a duffel bag or something sized like a duffel bag. Getting a leather duffel by tomorrow might be impossible.

If you want something sized like a duffel bag, I'd probably just go to Target and get something there, since they're everywhere. Marshall's is ok, too. I've had some luck with luggage but it's always a crapshoot.

If you want a duffel-duffel bag, go to Sports Authority in Roseville or any other sports store and get a soccer duffel bag like this one. It falls within the maximum dimensions for carry-ons - 22" x 14" x 9 - as well. And they cost less than thirty bucks.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answer, but unfortunately a simple duffel bag wont do.

The bag mentioned above opens flat. See here.

It doesn't have to be leather. Just something I can carry a suit in, that wont ruin it, that will fit in an overhead bin.
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There are a couple of luggage stores in the Mall of America - Elante and Tumi.

But I agree with mlo - it doesn't sound like your requirements are that exacting - Target or similar should be able to set you up. Macy's has luggage if you want to go a little nicer.
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Have you tried searching on Google, luggage stores in your area? If not, you could do that and try calling around to different stores in the area asking if they have something similar to what you're looking for in your price range.

If they are all too expensive for your price range then you might want to try calling local department stores, like Jcpenney's, Sears, Dillards, because sometimes they're a bit cheaper than specialty stores.

Good Luck and hope you have a safe trip!
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Response by poster: lakeroon: Target has this which would work, if it wasn't discontinued and no longer stocked.

Macy's has this which is great, except it's $200 above what I'd like to spend.

I've tried searching google and luggage stores online. Unfortunately, I came up empty which is why I posted here.

My next step is to drive around to random stores, but I work till 6pm and I need to catch a late flight to a funeral on the east coast, so time is against me on this one.
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Is there a reason you can't just simply buy a garment bag? I imagine you could find one of those at any department store.
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According to Google shopping they sell this brand at Walmart and Sears online at least (the specific bag only listed at Walmart) - have you tried calling any of these stores?
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Response by poster: lunason: I'd prefer to not check the bag for fear that it will get lost by the airline. I will wear one suit on the plane as a backup, but I'm only going to be there for 24 hours without ground transportation for the funeral. There wont be time, nor will I be able, to go back to the airport to pick up the bag if the airline loses it. A standard garment bag wont fit in the overhead. I've already got one of those. :)

nanojath: Those are both 'online only' according to their websites. A phone call to both stores has yielded the same information. Those products are not carried in my local Sears & Walmart.
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One other suggestion: the AAA offices out in St. Louis Park (it's right off 100 and Excelsior Blvd.) have a fairly extensive travel store (with, when I've browsed while waiting for my number to come up at the DMV there have seem reasonably priced.)

(952) 927-2600
5400 Auto Club Way
Minneapolis, MN 55416-2576

If you call, I bet they could transfer you to the store and they could tell you what they have handy.
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Response by poster: modernhypatia: This is a GREAT idea! I live near there and totally forgot about them. I'll head over there after work. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Success! It's not the exact bag, and it's 2x more than I would have spent if I had time to order the bag above online. I was walking near Men's Warehouse on my lunch break downtown and they had this bag which was perfect!

Thanks for your help everyone!
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