Can you help me find good movers in New York City?
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Looking for good, reliable movers to take me from New York City to Glen Ridge, New Jersey.

Yep, we're making the move to the suburbs. And it seems like every person I talk to who has used movers in NYC doesn't like them. Anybody have any recommendations they might could share?
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Everyone I know who used Flat Rate loved them. I only know people who have used them to move within the city.
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I used Shea Moving to move from Astoria to Harlem a year ago. They were excellent: courteous, professional, and good at their job. Their quote matched the final cost precisely (including packing materials), and the movers themselves were very pleasant people. Their website says they cover parts of New Jersey; call them to see if their area includes the town you're moving to. They're a small business, and very easy to work with.
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I recently used Brooklyn-based Rabbit Movers for a Brooklyn - Washington DC move. They do local and long-distance moves. For longer distances, they will give you a flat rate option. Great experience, very reasonable pricing, and no self-inflicted sciatica.
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Movers Not Shakers just moved our family of five from Brooklyn to the burbs. They gave us a flat rate that included packing (not unpacking), and stuck to the rate with no hidden costs, etc. I'd definitely recommend them.
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My boyfriend and I have used the same movers for three moves in 18 months, and we adore them- NYC Moves. Good (flat) rates, very careful with your things, polite, friendly.
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We used Oz Moving back in July 2007 to move from Brooklyn, NY to Montclair, NJ. They were nice, professional and knew what they were doing. Total cost was around $1100 with tip. It was a small 2BR condo and filled 75% of a 24-foot truck.
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Seconding Shea Moving. They gave an accurate quote, showed up on time, worked quickly and efficiently, and were incredibly friendly. I was only moving within NY, but if I were to move out of the area I'd definitely give them a call to see if they'd be willing to do it.
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I've been happy with Moishe's in the past. They weren't the cheapest, but were very professional and took good care of our stuff.
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Wow. Thanks for this cornucopia of recommendations. I'm sure we'll find someone to help us in this list. Hive mind to the rescue!
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So, we ended up going with Movers Not Shakers. They offered the cheapest rate, plus I was really into the idea of the plastic crates you rent from them (cheaper than buying boxes). They were on time, fast, and got the job done with no fuss or muss. Highly recommend them.
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