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How to put a bumpersticker on fiberglass so that it is easily (and instantaneously) removable and replacable?

I like to have many bumperstickers on my car. However, I cannot permanently affix them to the car.

To solve this, I put my bumperstickers on magnetic vinyl and attach them to the metal parts of my car. However, I'm running out of steel parts on the back of my car and would like to move to putting stickers on the (fiberglass) bumper of my car.

My requirements are that whatever I use, it has to be easily removable/reattachable (the stickers are removed from the car 1x to 2x a week), and leave no residue on the car.

(I saw this question but I'm not sure the low-tac adhesive would stand up to repeated removal/attachment.)
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If you can reach around the bumper, why not put magnets on both sides of the bumper—the magnets will be holding each other up.
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You could fashion a clear vinyl pocket that the stickers (with the paper backing still on) slide in and out of.
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Static cling vinyl film.
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Have you seen the study about road rage correlating with bumper sticker usage? :)

What about the sides of your car?
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Once when travelling to a foreign country I was applying an adhesive country sticker to my vehicle, and the instructions suggested applying a little smear of vaseline before applying the sticker, to ensure it was easily removable.

Needless to say, it would be worth testing out any advice you get on the internet using a small sticker somewhere it won't be too obvious, before applying too many stickers.
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