Help me buy a computer in South Africa fast.
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Can you help me buy a computer in Cape Town fast?

My daughter is studying in Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately, thieves broke into her room and stole her computer, phone and a bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately, without a computer, she's at a disadvantage in class and, frankly, missing a chunk of entertainment in a place where she has no TV and can't safely just go out at night. She only has eight weeks left in her stay – short enough that trying to get her, say, a new Mac, will take too long; but long enough that without some sort of net access she's screwed. On top of that, she still has to go to class and going out at night can be problematic.

So, I'd like to hook her up with an inexpensive notebook computer to get her by the next few months. Problem is, I'm in the States and she's there with no time. So I'm trying to locate a computer store in Cape Town – preferably near the University of Cape Town – where I could buy a computer from a distance and have her swing buy and pick it up.

Good idea? Bad idea? And if it's a good one, can anyone offer suggestions of what store to contact or how else I can accomplish this?

Trust is a big thing as after a week of dealing with lackadaisical police and other officials, her spirit is a bit shattered.

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Best answer: A friend in SA suggests Incredible Connection ( should be easy to find for an out-of-towner.
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Response by poster: Thanks, annathea. I called her yesterday to refer her to your suggestion and to suggest a notebook I saw on their site only to find that she had just been to that very store and bought the very notebook I had landed on. Thank you. Thank you.
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