Can podcasts act like music tracks?
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How can I get podcasts to appear as art of my iTunes music library?

I subscribe to many podcasts of the "song of the day" variety. How can I get these songs that are "podcasts" to show up within the music section of my library? Is there a mechanism to move these tracks so that they play like regular songs, mixed into the other music in my library?
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Yep! Just tested this - you can select the downloaded podcasts, right-click, "Get Info," click Options, then change "Media Kind" to "Music".
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There's probably a script for this, but I just do it manually. I subscribe to a few "song of the day" podcasts as well, and I've made a Smart Playlist to list those tracks. I think I only had to tell it to match "song of the day" since that was in the description or album field. Anyway, every few times it updates, I just select the playlist, select all, get info, and change the options (media kind -> music, remember playback position -> no, skip when shuffling -> no)

While you may not need a playlist for this stuff, setting up the Smart Playlist gives you some additional options... I've got mine set up to list only the most recent 1.5GB of my podcasts, so it fits on my old iPod nano.
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