Death of the Sun original artwork
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Can anyone identify the painting from which this album cover appears to be cropped? Death of the Sun, by Cul de Sac. It's not credited at the label's site and no one seems to refer to it anywhere else on the internet.
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I'm gonna guess Turner though I don't see a specific match.
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Response by poster: Yes, he occurred to me right away, but I haven't had any luck either.
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Best answer: Here is the guy who made it. Maybe he would be able to tell you?
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Response by poster: Ah, well spotted. I've emailed him, I'll post the answer if he gets back to me.
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makes me think of Millet
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It's an oil painting. It's more likely than not an unknown painter, but if I were to have a stab in the dark I'd say Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot.
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I also guessed toward Millet or Corot. Landscape with Two Peasant Women (Millet) is a painting with similar feel/color/composition. That said, the image doesn't show up in the inventory on that site which claims to show his complete works.

In the image you link to, I think I see an aqueduct in the background, possibly leading to a steel train bridge? If my eyes are right, that puts it no earlier than mid- to late-1800s. Corot would meet that time frame and he painted a lot of aqueducts. This one by Corot is close, and its name, "Tortured Trees on Crete, Sun Hidden," (my french is rusty) even hints at the title of the album you reference.
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Response by poster: I see Corot as a likely match, but I can't find the painting either. Man! No response from the guy yet.
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Best answer: From Glenn Jones of Cul de Sac:

Hey Devin,

Yeah, it's a beautiful painting. It's called "Aprile" and is by Antonio

I found the reproduction in an old book collection of Italian landscape
paintings of the 1800s.

I like just about everything I've seen by him, many paintings have a similar
desolate feel.

Fontanesi, Some paintings including the one I was looking for, entitled "Aprile."
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Thanks for the follow up!
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