Heirloom Garlic in NE Illinois
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I'd like to find a source in NE Illinois or even Chicago for heirloom seeds and garlic for my Aunt, bricks and mortar if possible. I couldn't seem to find anything promising online, and there are a lot of online places, but I'm in Canada so I have no experience with the U.S. based companies.

I'm looking for some large cloved hardneck garlics, as well as other types of heirloom seeds. Seed Savers Exchange is sold out of garlic but I might point her to them for other things. Ideally seeds grown in a similar climate would be better than getting seeds from elsewhere.
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I would give the ladies at Three Sisters Garden a try. They specialize in heirloom varieties and if they don't grow garlic themselves will almost certainly know who in the area does.
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Send a query to MrBrownThumb here or here. He'll be able to find you something.
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Seeds Savers Exchange. Illinois outlets here. Crystal Lake, Geneva and Chicago locations are the closest.

Also, look around their main site for gifts and more info.
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Oops, helps if I read the whole question! Sorry.
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No, thanks for the link to the outlets, I didn't realise they had stores.
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