How do i get my pc CD drive to read cd's properly?
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Why wont my cd drive in my laptop read any CDs?

I have a Hi-Grade pc laptop with windows home vista, that's about one year old, but was reformatted about 6 months ago.

The cd drive wont read any new cd's, it will only read game cd's that have previously been installed on the laptop (even those cd's take a while before they're read by the laptop). When it has the cd's in the drive it makes a clicking/tapping noise. I've tried using a cd cleaning disc in it, but that hasn't seemed to work at all.

Does anyone know what the problem is, or what I can do that might help?
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You could try reading a factory-manufactured (non-self-burned) CD to check whether it's the CDs. If it's a modular bay type CD drive, try removing it from the laptop, rebooting and readding it. Other than that it might just be broken.

Is it really a CD drive or some kind of DVD reader/writer that also reads CDs? You're not trying to read DVDs with a CD drive, are you?
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I think the drive is quite likely stuffed. Laptop optical drives are not very robust.

One thing that's worth checking before writing the drive off and getting it replaced is whether the hub mechanism is still holding your CD nice and flat. After clipping a CD onto the hub, but before sliding the tray back in, give the CD a bit of a spin with your fingers. If it seems to have a wobble, unclip it and look for lumps of crud on the hub flange that might be making your discs sit a little crooked.
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Thanks bud, I have tried that method afore and it occasionally works, but not always... -is there a way to fix it knowing that?
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I have tried that method afore

What method?
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1 year old? Call the manufacturer.
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