Which came first? The movie or the olive oil?
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Godfatherfilter: Genco Olive Oil exists -- but did the movie/novel come about first? A puzzlement!

My husband and I were shopping last weekend, and passed a display of pasta, canned tomatoes (San Marzano brand -- yummy and recommended) and a big can of "Genco Olive Oil." I instantly recognized the front -- ahem, the name and we bought it just for the can (I don't have high hopes for the oil itself -- it's a blend of oils from Italy, Spain, Greece, and Tunisia).

So I went online to determine if it's been around forever and Puzo just used the name (which seemed unlikely) or it's a clever if somewhat dated marketing ploy. Google is failing me. It's distributed by Ciuiti International of Los Angeles.

Any of youse wise guys knows?
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Is this what you bought? The trademark on that design was registered in 1997 by A & J Cheese Company, Inc., canceled in 2004. Their application said it was first used in commerce on May 1, 1995.
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Indeed! "Canceled under section 8" -- wonder what that means. Here's a bit about A & J Cheese. If it's not active, then who's making the oil?
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Info on Section 8
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