How can I help my cat with a UTI?
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I think my cat has a UTI. Is there anything I can do until I can get her to the vet?

My cat has been going to the litter box every 20 minutes or so, but only squeezing out a tiny bit of pee each time. She doesn't show any signs of discomfort, and she's not lethargic and doesn't seem sick. She is eating and drinking normally, and her poos seem normal. She is not peeing in inappropriate places. She is a spayed female.

This started last night. We, she and her littermate/sister and I, spent 7 hours in the car yesterday driving out of town to friends. My friends have a grumpy cat who doesn't play well with others so my cats are in one room with their litter box and food. That's how I'm so attuned to how much she has been trying to pee! My cats and I have visited these friends before, and my cats are excellent travelers. There may be a psychological component to this, but I'm not sure. My cats are usually extremely easygoing and mellow.

I have found a few cat health websites and think that she might have a UTI. None of the websites have said anything about self-care, or tips about how to help your cat feel better. Does anyone have any experience with this who could give me some advice? I am driving home on Monday so could take her to the vet on Tuesday. Obviously, if she gets worse before then I'll try to find an emergency vet or take her on Monday. I just want to help her out before then if I can.
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Cats can crash very quickly. It's Saturday (here) but I would recommend getting her to a vet today. Seriously. She may be dehydrated, also. They respond to antibiotics well, but the sooner, the better.

Cats have internal calendars, and only get sick Friday through Sunday, I have noticed.

Good luck.
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Please get her to a vet ASAP. In the meantime, try to encourage her to drink water. Also (and according to our vet), feeding wet food instead of dry kibble (to get more moisture into her) can't hurt.
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You need to take her to a vet NOW.

Cats usually will not show signs of sickness as this could be deadly in the wild. The fact that she is trying to urinate every 20 minutes is a very serious life threatening sign even if she is producing a few drops. You noticed it today, but this may have been going on since last night. I would be surprised if she makes it until Tuesday.

Could you call your friend's vet? When my cat had this, my vet prescribed Valium along with the antibiotics. After the course of antibiotics was finished, he stayed on the Valium for a few weeks.
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Is there any blood in the urine? The vet will want a urine sample. It should be refrigerated after collection.

(just finished giving antibiotics to my cat)
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Response by poster: I'm taking her to the emergency vet right now. Thanks everyone!
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Response by poster: In case anyone is wondering, the vet thinks she has Feline Interstitial Cystitis, which is probably caused by stress. She didn't have a temperature or any signs of illness. Her blood and urine tests haven't come back yet, but the vet doesn't think she has an infection. She is still trying to pee frequently, but not so often, and is still her cuddly self so I think she's getting better. It's nice to know for sure. Thanks for your advice, everyone!
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