Where should I buy a ticket for in Camp Nou?
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I'm going to Barcelona in October and am going to take in a football match at Camp Nou. Tickets are currently freely available in the stadium - is there a particuarly good or bad place for a neutral/tourist to sit?
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All views are uninterrupted and most of the ground is given over to home fans with visiting fans relegated to the top tiers. Price wise, the Tribuna stand is most expensive, then the Lateral stand, then the North and South ends. As you climb the tiers in each the price drops. I think the top tier between the score boards (general tickets) is the cheapest you'll get.

It's a huge stadium so if you want to watch the game without binoculars don't go higher than the 2nd tier. Saying that, the third and fourth tiers give you great views of the stadium so if it's spectacle rather than the match you're there for then get climbing.

Where do you like to watch your football/soccer from? Halfway line seats give you a good overview of the game, behind the goals let's you catch the action at your end when it happens, corner spots are also good for seeing goals.

Check the weather, only one side is covered so if rain is forecast the Tribuna Stand is where you wanna be. And it's cold in the nosebleeds to wrap up even if the suns out.

If you're behind the goals the Almogavers end (South) has a great atmosphere but you might want to avoid the Boixos Nois in the lower tier of the North side opposite.

The rest is really down to how much you want to pay for your ticket. Personally, if I could afford it second tier, halfway line and under the roof but the same in the opposite and uncovered Lateral stand if not, there's a good atmosphere here too.

Enjoy and if you can, take the tour while your there too!
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Response by poster: thanks for the advice, much appreciated. i guess what i meant was is there anywhere in the stadium where a casual fan wouldn't be welcome. i don't know if there are risky areas like there are for some other european teams..
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Best answer: The only potentially risky area would be the lower tier of the North Stand, behind the goals. Home of the Boixos Nois...

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More Boixos Nois.
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Response by poster: thanks, that was what i wanted to know. much appreciated!
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