If I like ska, rocksteady and funky reggae 60s-70s what American music would I like with a similar feel?
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If I like ska, rocksteady and funky reggae 60s-70s what American music would I like with a similar feel?

For each sort of time period I always seem to prefer the Jamaican music that I hear to American music, but I've always wondered if US music exists with a similar feel.

For example, ska seems to be influenced by rhythm and blues, 'doo wop' jazz etc but to me a lot of the songs have more real soul and emotional intensity or sometimes just sheer wackiness.

Similarly with the rocksteady, funky reggae ala toots and the maytals etc. and other time periods.

I can't really analyse why I like one more than the other any better so hoping that someone will get what I mean and maybe recommend some American music with the same feel.
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You might like northern soul- the original "Tainted Love", for example.
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I don't know if this is what you're going for, but the band No Doubt was heavily influenced by ska, which they put their own pop twist on. You might like the music they produced before their lead singer Gwen Stefani went solo. Their sophomore album Tragic Kingdom was credited with creating a "ska revival" in the U.S.
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Oops, Tragic Kingdom was their third album.
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Oh, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

I'll bow out now, in case my answers are totally not what you're looking for.
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Off the top of my head:

Hub city stompers
The Aggrolites
Inspector 7
Operation Ivy
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Are you looking for US ska, rocksteady, and reggae bands? Or are you looking for American bands the exemplify genres of music that heavily influenced Jamaican music?

If the first thing, errspy has it with Hepcat.

I'd also add

• Venice Shoreline Chris, in particular, the 4-track Adventure of Venice Shoreline Chris.

• The Slackers

• The Scofflaws

I could go all day, but I'll refrain for now if you were looking for the second thing.
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There is a lot of really good American ska, but it all tends to lean in a punk rock direction. If this is okay with you, you are good to go. (If so, my personal favorite is the Voodoo Glow Skulls. Fast, fast, fast, and great horn sections. Not really reminiscent of reggae whatsoever, but maybe in a cover or two.)

I recommend that you spend some time with Pandora, because it actually has a decent ska/rocksteady channel, and you might find some American gems amongst it.
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Hi there. Thanks, i like new wave ska ok sometimes, but really looking for more suggestions like northern soul ie r nb soul funk doowop ?country from the 60s and 70s that gets a similar feel to Jamaican sounds.

I had a listen to a bit of northern soul this morning and some of it was good.. I think it's got part of the magic equation anyway :)
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You might actually like the solo album by Tim Amstrong, the lead singer of Rancid. It's called A Poet's Life, and it's pretty much pure old style pre-reggae ska. I was blown away by it, especially considering the source.
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I am going to derail slightly here. I know you are looking strictly for US bands but I thought you might interested in some UK/London sounds.

Last couple of years the reggae / dub influence has really taken off in punk and especially electronic music.


The King Blues 1 2
inner terrestrials 1
Suicide Bid 1 2
Bablyon Whackers 1


Skream 1
Benga 1
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Yeh man...I like that kind of stuff. But in terms of old music I'm feeling some of the Northern Soul
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