Suprnova replacement?
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I know Suprnova was the absolute best in bit torrent-ing, but now that it's gone, does anyone know of any other sites that are a) anywhere near as extensive and b) not down all the time?

ahem...not that i'd ever...use...something like that...ahem...
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How do we know you're not an MPAA spy?
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posting a link here can only increase the likelihood that a given site will have action taken against it.

having said that, there's probably something you could use in the thread in the blue regarding suprnova's demise.
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There's a buncha stuff listed in the, uh *cough*, Fark thread about suprnova's death. There's a pretty good chance they're all shithammered at this point though, considering it's Fark and all.

I'm pretty sure that asking for specific information about P2P servers, torrent seeds, wares, copies of klite++ and such are frowned upon in AskMe at this point.

It just attracts too much attention, is a Google-able index, etc. It'd be better if you found a friendly IRC channel to ask for torrent lists. Or ask a friend on IM, or on an email list, etc.
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Response by poster: Good point, guys. I'll look elsewhere.
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A great site is
While it doesn't host actual bittorrent, it is a ranking system for various bt sites you can search on. Very useful when searching for random stuff.
Hmmm, I, however, cannot currently connect to it. Weird.
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Usenet. IRC. What we old timers used to use for warez before those fancy GUI's came along and openned the floodgate for the unwashed heathens.
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Yotoshi is a search engine for them, and may lead you to other places.
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I'm still getting torrents that work from this Supernova mirror.
posted by fuzz at 10:11 AM on December 25, 2004

not sure fuzz, but i'm pretty sure that's not an actual supernova mirror.
posted by puke & cry at 9:53 PM on December 25, 2004

Not anymore, but hey, it works.
posted by fuzz at 5:22 AM on December 26, 2004 also is a suprnova mirror.
posted by u.n. owen at 7:50 AM on December 26, 2004

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