Seeking dog friendly hiking in central Vermont
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Where should I go hiking in central Vermont with my dog for maximum leaf peeping and scenic vistas?

I'm planning a short trip to VT (near Barre / Montpelier) in the next couple / few weeks and would love to take my dog for a day hike while I'm up there. I don't want anything terribly difficult, but something like a 5-7 mile loop or out and back would be great.
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Best answer: I haven't been, but my friend is raving about the Camel's Hump.
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Best answer: Yeah Camel's hump is where to go hiking in the Barre / Montpelier area if you want a good view.

I forget the details on hunting season, but be sure to bring a red bandanna for your dog to wear and a leash, because if it is hunting season and your dog is running loose, hunters are allowed to shoot it (as a hypothetical threat to nearby deer). Most hunters won't shoot a dog just because they can, and a bandanna will make sure it is not mistaken for a game or nuisance animal. Some hunters are assholes who will shoot a free running dog just because they can, that is when the leash comes in handy.
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You could also hike Mount Mansfield and get to the highest point in Vermont.
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Former Vermont dog owner suggest Mt Hunger or Burnt Rock Mountain.
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