Please help me store my oats.
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Please help me find the perfect oatmeal container.

My mother-in-law has an oatmeal container I covet, and I'm trying to find one for myself. I want it to:

- be clear
- be sturdy
- have a secure lid that's easy to open
- be around 4 quarts (bigger is okay)
- have a nook on the outside for holding a scoop, and the scoop should be 1/4 cup or larger
- be available in the USA, preferably on-line, or else in a store in the Seattle area

I don't want to put the scoop inside the container, I want it to be attached to the outside. Yeah, I know, I'm being very picky, but I cook a lot of oatmeal. The container my MIL has is about 30 years old and has no useful information. I like these, but they don't have the scoop receptacle. We go through oats quickly and don't need to worry about them getting rancid.

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Silly idea: Why not just leave the scoop "scooped" inside the oatmeal in the above linked jar?
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This might be too big, but take a look anyway.
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Or along pghjezebel's line of thinking, you could just get this and attach it to the 4-qt container you like.
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BTW, I have the containers you linked. They're available at Bed Bath & Beyond. They're generally nice, they are easy to open and close, but they shatter if dropped, and they can't be washed in the dishwasher.
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I am fascinated by the Displays2Go site, so what about this kind of dispenser instead? There are other types with gravity feeds too.
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I keep my oatmeal in one of these (the 74 oz size). It does not have the requisite outside-of-jar-scoop-storage, but if you don't mind going slightly DIY with this, you can tie the scoop to the lid with a piece of string.
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We buy oatmeal in 25 lb sacks which we decant into a 5 gallon bucket. The bucket lives in the pantry in the basement and we keep a simple 1 gallon pickle jar in the kitchen. We do not have a dedicated scoop. The 1 cup scoop is in a drawer nearby and I've never found it to be a problem. (We eat oatmeal at least 4 times a week.)
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I keep my oatmeal in a tall "Lock & Lock: storage container. It is air tight and has a pour spout on the lid - it's perfect!
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What about this? It's glass and comes with a spoon that attaches to the lid.
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