ancient 1980s secret, huh?
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Another lost-childhood-book-filter. Time period: late 80s. This chapter book aimed at middle readers was a collection of Asian (Chinese or Japanese) folk tales centering on a wise man who served in the court of the emperor.

The one story I remember involved the emperor receiving a gift of a priceless vase which he loved far too much; the wise man ultimately threw the vase to the ground, cracking it, so that the emperor would get over himself. The illustrations were done in a style similar to Usagi Yojimbo. I believe the wise man was an actual historical figure, but it wasn't Confucius. Possibly Zhuangzi.

Ring any bells?
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Could it have been Ooka the Wise?

I don't remember the vase story you described, but Ooka the Wise had another story involving a broken vase.
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The story of the noodle shop keeper who sued for the price of the smell of his food and was paid with the sound of coins jingling popped into my head and on preview, what zerzura said. Maybe folktales of Ooka the wise?
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I'm pretty sure the guy in my book wasn't a judge. I remember a shaved head and robes, which leads me to believe he was a monk.

Having said that, I will check out Ooka, if I can get my hands on a copy.
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The story you quote is a Buddhist tale that appeared in Wisdom of the Zen Masters, edited and illustrated by Tsai Chih Chung (well-known Taiwanese comic artist), translated by Koh Kok Kiang. No chance it was that? Not really a kid's picture book and probably too recent (first translated late 80s it seems from that bio page), though.
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Oops, I think it was actually in Zen Speaks by the same guy.
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Abiezer, close but not the book I'm thinking of. I actually had one of the books from this series.
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These sound like the Judge Dee novels written by Robert van Gulik.
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