Best way to cook dove?
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I've been tasked with cooking approximately 30 dove. I have no experience with this so would appreciate any tips or tried and true recipes.
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How about Grilled Dove Breasts with Grilled Stuffed Tomatoes. The chefs in the video prepare what looks like about a dozen dove breasts, so the recipe should scale well.
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By the way, the chef mentions that the recipe should work with whole birds, provided you let them cook a little longer.

But really, you should be able to adapt any small game fowl (e.g., quail) recipe. For such a large quantity, I recommend grilling or roasting. This Emeril recipe for roast quail should work well as the preparation of the quail is simple; most of the work goes into the sauce. One reviewer mentioned preparing 36 quail for 12 people to good results.
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Just be sure to get all the buckshot out before you cook them.
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Most shot (birdshot, since using buckshot on a dove would leave you little more than a few feathers and a oily red spot) will go right through a bird that size but if you're really worried about biting on something hard then breasting them and cooking them in a crockpot will drop all the shot to the bottom.
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My favorite wild game oriented blogger (Hunter Angler Gardner Cook) has just been talking about doves lately. His recent dove recipes are here, here, and here.
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Breast them, wrap them around a slice of fresh jalapeno, wrap half a slice of bacon around them, secure with a toothpick, and grill. Amazingly delicious. You can marinate the dove in Italian dressing first if you like.
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The classic recipes for pigeons or doves (they are the same genus) include pigeon pie and b'stilla.

You can pretty much cook them like chickens, except that you have to baste them more frequently because small. Any recipe for Cornish hens works for pigeons.
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To add to Addlepated's recipe: Stuff with cream cheese, bell peppers, and jalapeno, wrap with bacon and grill. It is so, so good.

They are also good stuffed with apples and grilled.
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I've marinated them in white vinegar, brushed them with honey and them grilled them. Delicious.

Have in mind that dove flesh can be drier than chicken, so plan accordingly.
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Filet the meat off the breast, throw'em in a quart mason jar, cover with Italian dressing, vacuum seal the jar and stick it in the fridge over night. Next day, cut jalapenos into chunks and de-seed. Slice up some pepperjack cheese. Slice bacon strips into thirds or half, depending on the length of the strips. Take a piece of dove breast out of the dressing, put a piece of the cheese on it, put a chunk of jalapeno on top of the cheese, wrap the bacon around all of it and secure with a couple of toothpicks. Cook'em quick on the grill.
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I plan to try all the suggestions but so far only tried removing the meat from the breast, wrapping them in bacon with bell pepper and cream cheese then about 20 mins on the grill. Huge hit! I did four of them with jalapeno but haven't had anyone try them yet. Will try the rest of the suggestions when I get more dove.

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