Pan and the what?
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What is the name of this fantasy book that I only vaugely remember?

I'm looking for the name of a fantasy book that I came across on someone's list of fantasy books they've read. But I don't remember where that page was or the exact google keywords that I used to find that list.

I remember that it's out of print now. It was the story of a little roman boy who was cast out of his family, possibly, something along those lines.

At the start of the story he's crying under a bridge and the demi-god pan comes along and inspires him to go on a journey to find his dad. That's all I remember.

It's not The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen.

The title is something like Pan and the boy or the god pan and the child or something like that.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Bonus internets to anyone who can find the list that I heard it from originally.
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Best answer: Pan and the Twins [google books link] from this list?
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Response by poster: YES! blind.wombat you are a scholar and a gentleman and a wombat with no vision. May a miracle restore your sight and keep your fur clean for a thousand ages!
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