Wok stir-fry cooking: best resources for instuctional cooking videos?
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Wok stir-fry cooking: best resources for instuctional cooking videos?

Hi All,

I recently purchased a very high end cast iron wok, and a very high output outdoor wok stove (165k BTUs). Now that I have the equipment to do true high temperature wok cooking, I'm looking for online cooking videos for some great authentic recipes. I'm interested in any type of cuisine that uses a Wok as a main cooking vessel. I'm also interested in videos that try to instruct on authentic recipes as opposed to easy or watered-down for the American palette recipes.

Links, please! thanks!
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I don't know of any videos offhand, but Barbara Fisher at the blog Tigers and Strawberries has a number of excellent posts about Chinese cooking. If you were to leave a comment in one of the posts, she might be able to recommend some videos.
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When I started out I would only use a few ingredients at a time ( 3 main ingredients, and 3 "aromatics" - onions, garlic, ginger, etc). I found that doing it this way gave me a really good sense of timing and balancing flavors between ingredients. Refraining from using premade sauces helped me refine my technique also, since each meal I could really taste the difference in my cooking style.

It was actually on that same site that I got the idea from.
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Also, I really enjoyed this book.
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